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Ride & Camp to Kampung Rening, Cameron Highland

It was a month break during Ramadhan and everyone (including yours truly) seems quite anxious to embark on another adventurous weekend. Our original plan, finalised during the 2nd week of Ramadhan, yes that early - was to go to Pos Hau, Musang which has about 45km offroad track leading to an orang asli settlement, deep in Gua Musang rainforest. However intermittent rainy days leading to the ride weekend has shifted our destination, since the trail is now dubbed too adventurous for our group.

It was then, we have decided to ride to Kampung Rening, a Semai community settlement about 40km from Ringlet, Cameron Highland which is home to about 150 people. The village was once home to a resort funded by an NGO called PEKA and hand-built by the villagers back in 2017 but the project has never really taken off successfully. The villagers headed by Tok Batin Abdul however, remained steadfast and kept their houses neat and tidy, which received many outdoor visitors on a regular basis, even witho…

Latest Posts