Ride to Source of Sungai Muar (Hulu Sungai Muar)

I was born in Muar and although my family moved to many places during my childhood time, we always spent most of our holiday by the riverbank of Muar River mouth. It is rich in history and involved directly with the opening of many places in peninsular Malaysia including Pahang & Terengganu where it was the trade and main means of transportation in the early days. It has also involved in many wars between the Portuguese, Dutch, Aceh, and Malacca.

Therefore my curiosity started my search for the head water of Muar River (Hulu Sungai Muar) and from there I started planning a route. The river originate from the valleys of Gunung Telapak Buruk in Kuala Pilah before it flows to Kampung Talang, Negeri Sembilan. Talang Dam (or also known as Ulu Muar Dam) started construction in 1989 and completed in 1992, is built to provide fresh water for the state residence, using various water sources including the water of muar river.

I started from Rawang around 7.00am on Sunday morning and head towards Ampang. From North South expressway (E1) I took Duke Highway (E33) towards Ampang before taking route 28 MRR2 to get to Pandan Jaya and climbing towards Bukit Saga. From there I went towards Semenyih Dam and Kuala Klawang route B116, B19 and B32.

Semenyih dam water level is low and the trees on the roadside are dried due to the hot weather. 

The route around the dam is filled with bike enthusiast enjoying the morning breeze.

Just after Kampung Titi, I turned left towards Kampung Sungai Rotan through N27 towards Pertang.

The road gets smaller as I turned right towards Kampung Kemalau (N19) and even smaller at the right turn after Kampung Padang Lebar.   

From Geylang to Gelang

Honestly I am not very familiar with Kuala Pilah area although my elder brother owned a house in Ampangan and we did spent time in Ulu Bendol. 

The route from Kampung Geylang (Yes, in N9 not Singapore) through Kampung Ghalib, Kampung Gelang and ended in Kampung Jerjak is very beautiful. 

It has lush greenery of the rain-forest, tight s-corner with ascending and hair-pin descending sections with views of Batu Kikir area.

I took a break at this restaurant for brunch, N9 style - masak lemak daging salai, telur itik & sayur jantung

I continue my ride towards Talang Dam through small village road

Entrance to the dam is closed to public but there are many other access to the Talang Lake. 

I took a right turn before the gate heading towards Kampung Langkap about 20km small route around the lake. 

I head to the end of tarmac and decided to turn back as the risk of riding alone in this area is quite high. Later i found out that this turning point is a mere 2.5km away from Jeram Tengkek (off road).

There is it, the start of Muar River just after Talang Dam or Ulu Muar Dam in Kampung Talang, Negeri Sembilan.

I took a small road beside the bridge

To take a look at this river, up close & personal - the Muar River

Although it is a hot and dry season, riding along small routes surrounded by forest reserve and small villages felt cool and relatively cold.

 It reminded me that Malaysia is blessed with a rich bio-diversified rain forest and amazing landscape for us to appreciate and sustain for our future generations. 

Going back through Lekas Highway (E21) I met this Harley Davidson group

Riders must play their part to promote sustainable tourism and responsible development or many of the treasures will disappear and lost. On the same note, I would also like to promote local tourism as we have abundance of routes and loops awaiting to be discovered and documented.

This is sunset in the rivermouth of Muar river

Ride snippets:

Rider: Myself in V650
Distance: 340km
Duration: 6 hours plus stops
Petrol: RM40

Date: 27th March 2016


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