Ride to Pantai Penyabong through Bekok and Bukit Ibam

Pantai Penyabong is situated at the edge of Teluk Penyabong and it is a strategic spot for class-C fishing boats to seek refuge against rough sea condition as it is nicely shielded by Pulau Pelandok, Pulau Tengah and Pulau Acheh.

Situated about 2 hours from Johor Bahru and 4.5 hours from Kuala Lumpur, this scenic beach is a famous getaway spot for tourists.

Shahril and I met at Petron station in Ampang on Saturday morning and we set out at about 9am.
Our first day route look like this:

The journey through Jalan Sungai Lalang is not as misty as we are here last time but still it is very scenic and filled with two wheel enthusiasts having a morning stroll

Generally the road are in good condition, except for litters and untrimmed tall grass on the Selangor side of the road and one landslide

the signposts are also worn out

We went through a town called Rompin but not Pahang.. it is still in Negeri Sembilan!
Photo Credit: Google

We reached Chaah at noon and weather started changing.

Bekok to Paloh Shortcut

We did tried to take this route before but it is dark and raining when we were here last time. Although it is showing sign of raining this time around, with plenty of sunlight still available we finally finished this route albeit some time wasting getting lost in the palm oil plantation.

The actual route does not have a challenging route such as this!

It is here that I took a fall on slippery ground (mixture of loose soil + rainwater) and twisted my DRL. Apart from that, no serious damage or injury incurred.

We took a shelter underneath the railway bridge

 and some on-site repairs are required

Once we are on the right route, it is all good until Paloh

Right after Paloh, we took a coffee break at the famous Kluang Railway Station Coffee. Seems like the price is still maintained at the lower side despite all that popularity.. Kudos!

From Felda Kahang we passed Mersing town to get to Endau

We reached Endau Beach Resort around 5.30pm and picked this RM200 room by the pool to crash for the night.

We rode out to Endau for dinner that night and have a big feast to recover the lost energy in the plantation..

The second day we rode back to KL and our route look like this

and the highlight is the shortcut from Bukit Ibam to Felda Chini

Bukit Ibam to Felda Chini Shortcut

This route is mainly used by loggers around that area and aboriginal people to gain access to Muadzam Shah and Felda Chini.

Entrance from Bukit Ibam

Checking the all gears before taking the rough ride

The road went through the forest and logging activities is still active in this area

Road condition is rough with loose rocks but generally good

 With many unmarked junctions and sub-road, trying this road without a gps unit would be very dangerous. This is our first time here and even with gps guide we were struggling to get our direction right.

More unmarked junctions

Our first 'forest expedition' on board Kawasaki Versys

Stopped by a logging camp asking for direction

We finally found an exit to Felda Chini though palm oil plantation and met this huge monitor lizard taking an afternoon stroll in the middle of the road

and it took a while before it decided to let us pass through

We taking a short rest at Petronas station in Felda Chini and its time to relax the sored muscle from the rough route.

From Chini we went to river side road of C108 (Chini to Bera). The devastation from the last flooding is still very much visible as almost all settlement in the river valley of Sungai Pahang is submerged.

We had lunch at Bera waterfront before went to Mengkarak

Mengkarak to Bukit Mendi Shortcut

Mengkarak is a small town about 20km south of Temerloh. We stopped by a small shop to ask for direction to Felda Kemasul, and to verify the route as shown on the Garmin GPS,

"Ikut sini jalan boleh sampai sana, tapi jalan besar lalu Bera boleh, kenapa mau lalu sini?" said a half aged uncle in front of the small shop, giving us a grumpy look.

I replied to that with a smile and pushed on. It is almost 4pm when we passed through here.

Passing through security stops in between the estate road

Taking a break with a view of Triang, Pahang

We rode back through Karak highway after taking a short break in Karak town.

Met this Harley Davidson group of riders heading to KL as well

We made safely to our breakpoint - R&R Gombak at around 5.30pm before saying goodbye to each other.

This is indeed a very challenging ride for me as we went to many kind of road conditions from nice highway stretch, palm oil trunk road, rubber estate road and forest road.

It is a test of not just the rider but the versatility of the bike as well and its proven that Kawasaki Versys is a winner in this trip.

Ride snippets
Rider: Mr. Shahril Zulkifli & Myself
Distance: 950km
Duration: 2 days
Petrol: RM120
Date: 24th - 25th January 2015


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