Ride around Taman Negara Endau Rompin

Being ambitious and putting oneself in a record book is never part of my riding journey objective. That is why when people started asking what do I want to prove by doing this.. the answer is none.

The original plan looks something like this (see below map), that is to visit all entrance to Taman Negara Endau Rompin, that is through Rompin, Kahang and Labis.

However, due to reason I'll explain below, we've made make changes when we reach Paloh and going straight to Yong Peng before taking North South Highway back to KL.
Mr. Syahril joined me throughout the journey. Downpour early in the morning slow us down in Kuala Kelawang but the views are really astounding
The cold and wet winding road is really slippery and we rode really slow in this section. I've slid my rear wheels a few times here and Shahril's front wheel seems to have no traction at all. Average speed here is about 30-40km/h.
The weather improves as we entered Negeri Sembilan border and relatively straight road from Jempol to Bandar Tun Razak has nothing much to report.
It was noon when we reach Leban Chondong rest area and I had this for lunch (Udang Galah Sungai Rompin, masak lemak)
Too bad Syahril did not bring his medication and avoided this delicacies in fear of allergic reactions. Next time maybe Syahril?

This rest area is a very famous stops for riders and we met at least 3 other rider groups here, that are Couple Bikers Group (CBG), a group of BMW GS's riders and one more group from Kuantan.

We continue our journey to Endau Rompin National Park through Felda Selendang, which take us about 45 minutes. The road is getting smaller and windier as we get deeper but it is tarmac all the way to the ranger's office. We also met a few piles of elephant's drop on the road and the forestry department's staff we met at the ranger's office confirms that the animal did stroll on the road at night. According to him, they also come close to this living quarter at night, and he stays in his quarter alone, 7 days a week!

Syahril is signing the visitors book in front of ranger's office

V's in front of the park's playground

We rode out of the national park, around 3pm and both of us felt tired and we stop for rest at Tanjung Penyabong beach for a quick nap and relax, although Shahril did not nap at all.

As we are leaving Pahang and enters Johor through Mersing and Kahang, it started raining again. It was dark and damped when we make a stop at Kahang and we met a group of Yamaha Super Tenere riders from Singapore who rode out from Endau Rompin National Park.

The ride is cold and wet throughout this section and average speed is merely 50-60km/h. Rivers in Kluang area are full of water, signs that it has rain for quite some time and it is getting dark.

By this time when we reach Paloh, I've decided to skip Gemas & Segamat and head directly towards Yong Peng.

The combination of dark, cold and wet isn't ideal for riding through the back road and it is less riskier if we finish this ride via Yong Peng and North South Highway.

## Update August 2016: We have returned to Taman Negara Endau Rompin (Selai). Read more about that here ##

It was almost 9pm when we rode out of Yong Peng and the rain is still pouring. We made it to R&R Seremban at 10.30pm and among all of our stops, this one felt the furthest as we rode in a downpour.

I parted with Syahril in Nilai and reach home around 12.00am, so it was almost 16 hours of riding time to complete this ride. It was the furthest by distance in a day at 840km and crosses states of Selangor, Pahang, Negeri Sembilan and Johor.

We have return to Paloh through Bekok.
Read more about that ride here

Ride snippets 
Rider: Mr. Shahril Zulkifli & Myself
Distance: 840km
Duration: 16 hours
Petrol: 4 times x RM30 (full tank)
Meal: RM30. Thank you Mr. Syahril for treating my lunch!
Date: 20 September 2014


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